Rates and Tuition

My Rate for a private lesson is $125 per hour. I do not prorate the hour for any reason, though I will prorate additional time past 1 hour, ie. a 90 minute lesson is $125 for the first hour and an additional $60 for the next 30 minutes, making a 90 minute lesson $185.

For those students who want weekly 1-hour lessons, I offer a discounted price, which I call my “Tuition” plan. The tuition plan assumes that we will plan to meet every week, and reduces the effective rate per lesson from $125 to $100. Payment is due on the first lesson of each calendar month; I prefer payment in cash, though I can also accept a personal check. We will discuss the month’s dates at the beginning of the month. If we need to adjust dates for any reason, I like to know as early as possible. Normally, though, the day and time are the same each week.

There are certain weeks where lessons are suspended all together (such as the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as any traveling I have scheduled), and these weeks will allow the tuition to be prorated to 3 weeks in the event that your normal lesson day does not occur 5 times that month. For example, if your normal lesson day is Thursday, and Thursday occurs 4 times in the month of November, the Tuition charge will be $300 for that month, since there are no lessons for 1 week around Thanksgiving. However, if your normal lesson day is Thursday, and Thursday occurs 5 times in the month of November, the Tuition charge will still be $400 for that month.

The month’s fee is always $400, which is not $100 per week for 4 weeks, but rather $100 per week for the entire year (excepting holidays). This allows 4 “cushion lessons” – which protect against unpredictable sick-cancellations, which may or may not be possible to reschedule – as well as the ability to spread out payments evenly each month. There will be some months where you’ll have 5 weekly lessons with no “extra” charge; likewise, there will (rarely) be months with only 3 lessons, if either student or teacher cancels due to illness, emergency travel, etc. The tuition will still be $400, regardless of whether a make-up lesson actually occurs. However, I take my commitment to the tuition plan very seriously, and I will make every effort to book a make-up lesson if possible within a week or two. However, please note that:

1.  Offering a significant discount for Tuition pricing makes our schedules and finances more predictable. I reserve every week at your lesson time for you, and this time is not easily filled with other income, especially on short notice.

2. At my discretion, I will only offer to prorate a future month (no refunds), and this solution is one that I will consider only after we have missed more than four lessons in a calendar year due to cancellations.  However, should last-minute cancellations become a significant problem, I may also opt to discontinue offering the Tuition discount all together meaning lessons would be taught entirely at my normal rate of $125 per hour without the need to prepay the month.

3. Due to the individual and personal nature of flute lessons, and the difficulty in scheduling make up lessons, I bake-in 4 “cushion lessons” annually. The four cushion lessons are essentially the difference between 48 lessons (assuming we had 4 lessons per month for 12 months) and 52 lessons (the number of weeks per year). I fully expect there will be some lessons each year that cannot be made up. Unless we surpass 4 of these occurrences, I do not consider a missed lesson without a make-up a problem.

4. In my experience, it is actually quite rare that a missed week is not made-up. Most students end the year having used only 1 or 2 of their 4 cushion lessons.

If you alert me to a conflict at the beginning of the month, we can prorate that month’s tuition to $100 per meeting, but please note that there is still a three week minimum per month at the discounted rate. Otherwise, my normal, non-discounted rate ($125/ hour lesson) will apply. I do not refund tuition for any reason, for example, if lessons are cancelled mid-month.

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