Private Flute Lessons

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In all its different forms – from Classical to Blues to Folk – music is a tradition passed on from performer to listener. Each successive generation builds on and surpasses the accomplishments of the previous, and the best vehicle for this transfer has always been private study. There is no substitute for the guidance of a professional, practicing performer, whose trained ear and experience in teaching can always direct your energies to the areas where you can make the most gain.

I began teaching flute when I was 17 years old, mainly to fellow flutists in my High School Band. I instantly knew that this was not only something I was very passionate about, but something that I had a natural gift for doing well. My primary goal as a teacher is always to develop and instill confidence in one’s innate musical ability. But I also know that rapid and continuing growth is both possible and likely when studying with the right teacher.

My studies at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts presented me a unique opportunity to study with one of the world’s preeminent pedagogues, Dr. Tadeu Coelho. His revolutionary techniques in embouchure development, lip placement, and technical development – not to mention musical and historical context – have greatly shaped how I teach my students. I can confidently say that I can help flutists of all ability levels, from beginners to advanced players, achieve their goals.

I teach lessons at the Flute Center of New York, where I am currently the Artist in Residence, and out of my home studio in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn. I can travel to your home for an additional fee. I am also available for masterclasses at Flute Festivals or for private studios. Lessons begin at $125 per hour, and a reduced-price tuition package is available for $400/month. Visit my Tuition Page for full details about the Tuition package.

Please feel free to contact me anytime to schedule your first lesson!



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